Who Am I?

Who am I and Why Does This Blog Exist?

Thanks for checking out Homesteading Unrefined! My name is Meg. I created this blog to help others with anything from a tendency to DIY projects to full blown homesteaders. My husband and I personally homestead on only one acre of land in a semi-rural town. I am convinced I can help you lead the homestead lifestyle you want to live regardless of where you currently reside. Some of you may come for the delicious recipes and others for tips on raising goats within city limits. All of you come with a hope of creating something meaningful to define your home and I want to help you make it. Here at Homesteading Unrefined I believe that your efforts don’t have to be perfect, they just have to work for you and your family. Although my tutorials may not be as complex as those found on other sites, they will show you how to enjoy the simple life while doing what you love. In 100% honesty I also created this blog to generate income so I could stay home with my kids and you will find affiliate links in some of my posts but I promise I will only promote things I really believe will be useful to you in your journey.

Why Should You Listen to Me? 

I am not super old by any stretch of the imagination but I have some good experience under my belt. As a child I learned from my parents how to budget and live off yard sale finds and hand-me-downs. By age 25 I had adopted four children and kept all of them fed and clothed on shoestring budget. We bought our first home on an acre of land a few months ago. It didn’t take long before we started planning out how we were going to live a more sustainable lifestyle. My husband and I had always been taught to be self-sufficient and we really wanted to make that a reality. With very little money we began searching KSL FREE, Freecycle, and Craigslist for building materials, animals, and all we deemed necessary to create our homestead. We started with nothing but an old house, an acre of land, and literally a handful of extra dollars in the bank but we made it work and so can you!

Why Should You Follow Me? 

My mom always taught me that if all my friends jumped off a cliff I shouldn’t necessarily go too. I don’t want you to follow my page just because everyone else is doing it but because it is truly useful to you.  Although I may not be as far along in my journey as others I invite you to come along with me. See what all it takes to run a homestead and maybe get your hands dirty. Glean what you can and use it in your own homestead. If you are interested in starting a homestead complete with animals, outbuildings, etc. read 1 Acre Homesteading in 5 Easy Steps. Perhaps you really just want to do a tiny bit of cooking from scratch and want to check out the Recipe Section. Wherever you land, if you like what you see please follow, like or share and spread the love!

How Will I Use Your Information? 

Please visit my Privacy Policy for a complete listing. I work hard to keep your information safe and secure.

How Can You Contact Me? 

You can reach me via email at meg@homesteadingunrefined.com. You can also comment on any post you see here on the site or ask a question on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/homesteadingnrefined. I hope to talk to you soon!