Best Clean Makeup Brands

Finding natural non-toxic beauty products can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you are on a tight budget. I like to shop Petit Vour’s sale section. Love Goodly and Au Naturale also have annual clearance sales although they don’t have an ongoing sale section. It is possible to get high quality healthy for you beauty products though, I promise. These are my top clean beauty brands.

Juice Beauty: I really like their cleansers especially because they feel so refreshing on my face. Their primers are great too. They are made with non-toxic ingredients and they often showcase their stuff in beauty boxes so you can usually find small sizes of many of their products fairly inexpensively.

Au Naturale: These are great quality products that give you that barely there makeup look without feeling caked on. I have their lipstick, powder foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, and finishing powder if that gives you any idea of how much I like them. They can be pricier than some but shop the sales listed above and you will be golden.

100% Pure: These folks have my favorite lipsticks by far. I have multiple colors of their fruit pigmented lipstick. I also really like their Bamboo Blur powder. Their tinted moisturizer is great for days I don’t want to wear a ton of makeup but want to even things out a bit. Get on their mailing list. I have purchased several things directly through them when they had flash sales that are totally worth it.

Orglamix: I like their eyeshadows quite a bit. I have several of their single color eyeshadows that I like to use frequently. I also have bronzer, sunshine oil, and a few wicked good perfumes from them I use regularly. They also have their own beauty box subscription service if you want to try a variety of their things without paying full price.

Honest Beauty: Their cream foundation is my favorite easy glide on foundation that is made without toxic chemicals. I also like their eyeshadow palettes for blending multiple colors on complex eyeshadow days. This is another one to subscribe to the mailing list and watch for sales.

Fitglow Beauty: These guys have the best clean mascara I have found anywhere and since mascara is the thing I wear even on days when I don’t wear much else I have tried quite a few. Afterglow Cosmetics used to have a good one but they stopped making it so I tried out Fitglow and I am glad I did. I love this one! It is also probably the most expensive MSRP vegan mascara I have tried so find it at Petit Vour or Love Goodly to get a good deal.

I hope you find some good deals on non-toxic beauty products. You deserve it!

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