Dealing with Joint Pain Naturally

Many people believe joint pain only affects the old. Oh how I wish that were true! CF related artropathy has me in pain much more than  would like. Fortunately, necessity is a good teacher and I have learned some ways of dealing with the pain.There are natural remedies for joint pain that are super inexpensive and easy. They may not work as quickly as an Advil but they also won’t impact your kidneys.

Turmeric and Ginger

Both turmeric and ginger contain a substance called curcumin – which is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants have a hand in easing inflammation. A warm infusion/herbal tea or filled capsule can provide this support.

Peppermint Oil

It is no surprise that peppermint oil is used during massages. Peppermint is a wonderful topical pain reliever. The cooling sensation from the oil relives pain quickly and is something I have used for headaches since I was a teen. Rub a few drops of peppermint oil on the affected area for quick relief from joint pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an amazing home remedy and works on various problems. That is why you should always have ACV in your cupboard. ACV can also alleviate the pain from joint pain by dissolving acid buildups.

Cayenne Pepper

Most over the counter pain relievers contain a substance called capsaicin something that is also present in cayenne peppers. Capsaicin inhibits Substance P which transmits pain signals to and from the brain. You can make a cayenne paste that can be applied on your joints should an episode happen.

Epsom Salt

I love an epsom salt bath at night! Magnesium sulfate found in epsom salt has been used for many years to relieve pain. While it sounds like a manufactured chemical, it actually natural and feels great. Add a tablespoon to a bowl of warm water and soak a hand or foot or put a cup in a tub of bath water then soak until the water turns cold.


Many times, the pains and discomfort you feel are due to the fact that you are dehydrated. So whatever is causing you pain might be easily treated with drinking a glass of water. This doesn’t always work but it doesn’t hurt to drink water and see if the pain is going to go away.


People tend to over exhaust themselves without thinking about the impact to their bodies. They work until their knees start to buckle and it becomes difficult to move before they take notice. I’ve been there making the mistake myself. Honestly, though, please be gentle to your body and think about what you are doing to it. The simplest solution is to take a day off before using pain relievers. Maybe you are just tired and you need a day off.

Eat Less Sugar

Sugar is inflammatory and decreasing it often decreases your pain. Cutting back will also help you manage your weight and being within a healthy weight range can take the stress off of your joints.

It can be difficult to live with joint pain but it is possible to manage the pain. I wish you the best of luck in finding relief. Thanks for supporting Homesteading Unrefined.