Why You Should Use Mama Cloth

You may or may not have heard of “mama cloth” before. If you use cloth diapers on your children you are more likely to have heard of it than most. Mama cloth is a term used to refer to re-usable period pads made from cloth and washed after each use.

Many people use them every cycle just as you would use a disposable pad. It is perfectly acceptable to use them from the time you start having your period if that is what feels good to you. When my daughter started having her period I taught her how to use both a menstrual cup and mama cloth.

A lot of moms use them for the first time directly after having a baby. I haven’t personally birthed any of my children so I haven’t had this experience, but I know it is when many moms start using mama cloth. I have heard they are great for postpartum bleeding.

They Save Money

For one they are a huge cost saver over disposable period products. I buy my mama cloth for between $2-$5 each (although some are much more expensive). Those pads will last years though if used once a cycle. Compared to buying a package of disposable pads every cycle, they pay for themselves in less than a year and then I can use them at least five times as long.

It allows you to keep your vagina healthy without spending a ton. If you have been using non-bleached or pads without dyes you know they are often more expensive. Mama cloth can be made yourself or purchased online for a fraction of the cost of their “healthy” disposable counterparts.

Comfort Is Key

For two, they are SO much more comfortable than normal pads. I always thought I just had to suffer through itching and scratching when I was on my period because it was the curse of women. It’s not! Your period can be comfortable! I have fleece and minky mama cloth that feels awesome all day long.

I have also seen a decrease in yeast infections since using mama cloth. Yeast happens when conditions get too damp and can happen often with traditional pads. Most mama cloth is made with moisture wicking material to resolve this.

Save the Earth

Help our planet. We live in a society of use, throw it away, get a new one. New isn’t always better. We can complain for the next 100 years about creating too much garbage, or we can take a step against the problem.

This is not my primary reason for using mama cloth but I do have to admit it helps me feel better some days. When everyone is complaining about waste I know at least I am doing something to cut down on the environmental impact of our disposable society.


This is probably not the first thing you think of, but I have all sorts of patterns I love. Some days I wear polka dots. Other days I wear flowers to match my mood and personality. You can cater to your personality way more than a white and blue disposable does.

Having beautiful mama cloth on can make you feel pretty. Since we use them at a time when most of us feel less than our normal beautiful selves, I consider this a win. Have fun using mama cloth and life life to the fullest!