How to Rock The First Day of Homeschool

First days of school are always rough but when you are the teacher, administrator, and mom they can be downright frightening. You can do it though Homeschool Hero and I am going to give you a few tips to help.


#1:  Let Your Kids Guide Your Day:

Don’t be so bent on getting your curriculum done that you miss out on learning opportunities. This is true every day of the year but especially on the first day you want to get them excited about learning so if they want to play extra math games don’t stop them just so you can get to history. If one kid really wants to do book-work even though you were planning on putting that off until next week by all means let them do it. (Yes my daughter asked if she could do her math workbook while I fixed lunch on our first day).


#2: Fill Their Bellies:

Admittedly your kids will be excited about something or dreading something in regards to your homeschool and won’t eat as well as you would like them to, but try to fill then up. A good breakfast may sound like a given but seriously although my kids love cereal, I wasn’t taking any chances on our first day of homeschool. We had eggs and toast so my kids had the energy to do what they needed to.

#3: Get Cleaning Done First:

I know some moms have cleaning interspersed throughout their day but for me it works best to get it out of the way so I can focus on school without worrying about my dirty house every time I turn around. Clearly I don’t mean deep clean your house before eight a.m., but straighten, vacuum, and get the house looking somewhat nice before you start school. It just sets a nice tone to have everything organized before the chaos starts. You will always have cleaning to do later because things get dirty throughout the day, but getting a good amount done before school decreases stress.

#4: Plan For the Unexpected:

We were just sitting down for a story when some out of town relatives showed up unexpectedly at our doorstep. There is nothing like a random visit from family that lives several hours away to remind you that the homeschool life is one full of interruptions and you have to adjust your schedule to allow life to happen. A myriad of things will make it so your day doesn’t look like the one you planned out the night before, but as long as your kids are learning and growing that is okay. I want our children to value family so pausing in our school schedule to visit reinforces our core values rather than detracts and when I look at things from that perspective it is a lot easier to allow life to take its course.

#5: Include Music

This one is totally for me perhaps more than the kids because my spirits are so much higher when there is music going on. You don’t have to have it on your entire day. There is definitely a place for silence, but if everyone is working on flashcards or workbooks or what have you it is great to have some uplifting music in the background. We had The Greatest Showman Soundtrack going while we cleaned this morning and Motzart on while the kids did learning puzzles and games. I really found it helped me to not go crazy. Side note: audio books are also great for times when you are cleaning to get the imagination going at a time when it may otherwise be stagnant.

That’s it. I don’t have a ton of crazy awesome tips to share but I hope these five tips help you create a better first day of homeschool for your kids. Honestly if you are the type of mom that reads a blog post like this, you are already rocking it simply by being dedicated enough to try to do what is right in your child’s education. Don’t lose sight of that.