The Best LDS Homeschool Curriculum

We recently made the decision to homeschool our kids and I discovered that finding resources specifically for LDS homeschooling parents who want to make that a large part of their study was more difficult than it needed to be. This post is my attempt at remedying that problem. After spending hours perusing curricula and other materials this is what I came up with.

K-12 Curriculum: 

The Family School Online: These guys are my current favorite and I just purchased a subscription to their service. They offer a family style one room schoolhouse approach to learning where everyone is studying the same subject just with different assignments relating to it which I really like. They cover art, history, math, science, geography, and literature as part of their curriculum so the bulk of your instruction can be taken from their manuals.

LIFE School: This is another LDS based homeschool curriculum and I have several friends that love it. Here again you teach one lesson to all elementary age children who then complete separate supporting materials. They seem to focus primarily on history, science, and literature although they claim other subjects are woven into the materials. I haven’t physically seen any of their materials to make a good call on that.

The Good and The Beautiful: Created by LDS singer/songwriter Jenny Phillips this curriculum is meant to be nondenominational but still focuses on God and agrees with LDS teachings. They offer the language arts curriculum for free as well as extensive samples of several other course materials. The other topics can be purchased although they are still in the process of creating math lessons and do not have those available for purchase at this time.

Liahona Education Distance Learning: Based out of Pleasant Grove, Utah the Liahona Preparatory Academy broadcasts classes to homeschool students for a cost of $90/mo plus $50 registration fee and books for elementary students and varying prices depending on classes for secondary students. If you really don’t want to be responsible for the teaching of your child but you want them to have a quality LDS education and you can’t access an LDS private school this is the option for you.

Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum:

My LDS Preschool: If you have little ones in the house this might be worth a look. It currently costs $98 for a lifetime subscription that has a full year worth of lessons for your kiddos using scripture stories to teach the alphabet and other ideas typically gleaned from preschool.

Walk Beside Me: I find this curriculum rather interesting because it isn’t linked with an active blog or website anymore but there is a live google drive with all the resources to download and print out for your preschool learner. It focuses on learning a different scriptural principle or hero for each letter of the alphabet.

Study and Faith: Just as the name suggests this is a curriculum for little ones based around faith and uses materials from the scriptures and from the standard works as a basis of study. It is song and story heavy but if your kids like that then this might be a good fit.

Gospel Study Curriculum: 

Our Deseret Homeschool: This one is really mainly if you want to use common non-lds themed core subject materials and supplement with gospel learning. They provide full curriculum materials for a Gospel Basics and a Book of Mormon curriculum.

Book of Mormon Discovery: You can find year long curriculum for each of the standard works as well as prophets and special holiday books for your children to study. They look pretty neat and if I find that our curriculum is lacking in gospel learning I will likely purchase some of these materials.

I hope you find these resources helpful as you search for just the right curriculum for your children. If you have other resources you feel should be added please post about them in the comments and I would love to add them. Have fun homeschooling!