Vegan Instant Pot Yogurt

This vegan instant pot yogurt is great if you don’t have a dairy source on your homestead or have other dietary restrictions. We homestead and hope to provide a lot of our food organically but I still don’t have a way to get my own vegan milk yet.  Thankfully this yogurt is super simple and easy to make.

I know a lot of people love their Instant Pot but I personally bought the Elechomes Pressure Cooker when it was on sale on Amazon last year and I absolutely love it. If you would like to try a pressure cooker but think the Instant Pot prices are a bit steep like I did check out this one.

First off you will need a good soymilk. A lot of people swear by Westsoy Organic Unsweetened Soymilk  but I have honestly never tried it because it’s too expensive for cheapskate me. If you have a few extra pennies to spare you might try it but if not you can just use Kirkland Signature Organic Soymilk Plain . The key is that your soymilk cannot have any gums or thickeners in it or your yogurt won’t set up right. I thought I could disregard this advice and my first batch of vegan yogurt turned out so badly I didn’t even dare try again for months so find one that is just soy and water if possible and if not with only added vitamins and minerals.

Next you need something that will allow your milk to become a yogurt…cultures. You can either use a couple of capsules of probiotics by opening them up and sprinkling them over top of your milk or you can use about 1/2 cup of pre-made yogurt. I didn’t have any ready made yogurt when I made this batch of yogurt so I used probiotics but either one works well. Equate Probiotic Digestive System Support is the probiotic I used in case you wanted to know. It’s comparable to Align with a bunch of different strains in it but cheaper for the wallet conscious foodies out there.

Once you have your milk and your culture dump them both in the pot of your pressure cooker and push yogurt. If yours has an adjust time feature you may want to lengthen out the cook time to around twelve hours. I found that was the sweet spot with my cooker but different models will vary.

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Vegan Soymilk Yogurt for Lazy Cooks

Soymilk yogurt with less than a handful of ingredients that takes less than five minutes of prep time

Course Breakfast
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 hours
Total Time 10 hours 5 minutes
Author Meg


  • 1 carton Soymilk (Kirkland Plain or Westsoy)
  • 2 capsules Equate Probiotics (or 1/2 cup premade yogurt)


  1. Pour soymilk into the pressure cooker pot and sprinkle probiotics on top. Push the yogurt function and adjust time to 10 hours. 

After the pressure cooker turns off you can scoop out the yogurt into your bowl and try a bite. I like to add jam to mine but my daughter likes hers with Maple Syrup. Enjoy your bowl of wholesome vegan deliciousness!

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