Top 3 Ways to be Happy with Less Money

Finance problems lead to the majority of divorces in our country. It’s easy to stress and argue over finances. Even if it’s just you at home, your stress as a result of finances can impact your family, friends, coworkers, and other relationships in your life.

So how do you stop this from happening? I wish I could say I had the magic pill and never argued over finances with my husband. That isn’t true. However, through the arguments I have found a few things that help me to be happier with the life I have.

#1: Be Grateful

I have found listing the good tings in my life in my journal or even a separate gratitude journal to be super helpful. Before I go to bed I like to make a list of things that I am grateful for in my day. Some days it is just my family and a roof over my head. However, as you make it a habit to count your blessings you will find more and more things each day to be grateful for.

This doesn’t need to be a huge thing to add to your to-do list. Set a timer for one or two minutes or just write a list of five one word things you are grateful for today. Do it for a week or so and see if your outlook changes.

Some days it is easy to get discouraged that our entire to-do list wasn’t completed. Take a moment to be grateful for the things you did get done. Maybe you got a load of laundry done today. Maybe your kids had home cooked meals all day long. You don’t have to do it all every day.

Pat yourself on the back for the success you had so you don’t let it slip through your fingers. Success breeds success but if we aren’t paying attention to the successes we have, we think we are failures. Don’t do that!

#2: Reward Yourself

A lot of the time we feel like we have to get rid of all reward and fun things in our lives when we have to cut down on the budget. I have found that if you try to do that you end up depressed and miserable.

You may not be able to reward yourself with a $300 shopping spree or a fifty dollar steak right now, but you can be rewarded. If pedicures are your thing, reward yourself by putting a couple dollars toward a pedicure.

Find something cheap or free that motivates you and still reward yourself for working hard. Make time in your day to bake some brownies and eat them. Maybe you need to reward yourself by reading a good book from the library when the work is done. Maybe you play a game or watch a movie.

Even when we are paying off debt we have allowances so we feel we have a little freedom to spend. Even if all you can afford is $5 a month you can still get a few secondhand books or some fun home decor at a yard sale. Keep some fun money in your budget so you don’t go crazy.

#3: Set Up Strong Organizational Systems

If you are trying to be a mom, keep up with a side hustle, and still have energy for your spouse, organization is key. Your life is going to be stressful and anxiety ridden if you don’t have systems that work for you.

Find a laundry system that alleviates stress. I have a basket for each of my kids and they each do their laundry on a certain day of the week. They wash it, dry it, and put it away in their room. Sorting everyone’s laundry after doing it was such a pain and we could never keep up so this is what we decided to do. It may not work for you. Find a system that alleviates your stress and use it.

Set up a household cleaning system that works for you. We focus on one room of our house every day. Monday everybody cleans their rooms, Tuesday we clean the kitchen, Wednesday we clean bathrooms, Thursday we clean the living room, Friday we clean the laundry room and entryway, Saturday we clean out cars and pickup the yard.

I set up a time blocking system to help me be more productive and less stressed all day long. Now I do certain things during certain parts of my day. If it doesn’t get done during that time block, it rolls over until the next day. Time blocking isn’t for everyone, but whether you use a planner, a to-do list, or time blocks (or all of the above) find what allows you to do all the things you need to do without being overwhelmed.

Be Strong

At times I guarantee you will feel like giving up, but power through. Be grateful. Reward yourself. Put strong organizational systems to work for you and eventually you will see success. It may take years for you to reach your financial goals, but you will cultivate a mindset of happiness along the way that will serve you for a lifetime.