Entertaining on a Budget

Covid has forced our get togethers to be a lot less frequent but in the hopes that things will open up again soon I wanted to share my tips for entertaining with you. After all, planning a party is always kind of fun even if we can’t actually celebrate in person right now.

Cheap food doesn’t have to look chea

Meals don’t need expensive steaks to be delicious and filling. Nacho bars are much loved party foods. I make my own nacho cheese sauce to go over the chips and serve with beans, corn, tomatoes, and some salsa. Baked potatoes are good served with some chili, sour cream and steamed broccoli. Soups are also great to feed a crowd. After all if more people show up than expected add a little milk to the chowder or broth to the minestrone and you’re good to go. 

If you know you don’t have much in your budget consider whether having a party during the afternoon or late evening may help you save money. Processed snack foods can add up but if you do it smart fruits and veggies can be plenty filling without costing a lot. Baked goods can also be made fairly in expensively and served to hungry party goers without breaking the bank. Cucumber sandwiches are a favorite for afternoon tea parties and are easy to make (especially if you use bread from the discount bakery store). There’s plenty you can do when it comes to feeding masses in expensively. 

Spruce up your table

Even oranges look way fancier when on a charger than on a paper plate. Shop your local thrift store for some quality serving dishes you put in your cupboard for entertaining. I would not recommend seasonal serving platters. I recently threw all mine away because it meant I was keeping too much stuff that only came out once a year. Buy things you can use multiple times though out the year. 

Shop your house for fun decorations that can be put on your table such as fake flowers or pinecones to bring a tiny bit more festivity to your table. Maybe you found a festive ribbon you can put down the middle of the table in your sewing box. Be creative. Don’t purchase decorations just for one party unless you have a plan for how to use them in your daily life afterward. 

Plan some games or activites

The activities you plan will obviously depend on the ages of the people being invited. My six year old’s birthday party would look very different than a party hosted primarily for adults. That being said there are some things most people enjoy doing.

Movies are fun but don’t allow much socialization so I tend to shy away from those. Game nights are fun but make sure you have both adult and kid games if you are involving both demographics. Sports are another fun way to involve all ages. We have played badminton with two year olds and grandmas.

Themed parties are fun to help you think of games if you are stick in a rut just don’t take it too far and make it expensive. We hosted a western themed party for my husband involving pin the tail on the horse, snake in the boot, and throw the ball in the boot. All of them were able to be played with household objects we already had.

Have Fun

Whatever else you decide to do have fun! Turn up the tunes, break out the sweets and enjoy each other’s company!