Father’s Day Gift Ideas For the Homestead Dad

Father’s day is almost here. If you are in a rush Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial so you can get free two day shipping. As long as you can run to the store you have some great ideas to choose from. The homestead life is about practicality so you won’t find any cute paperweights that say “I Love You Dad” because frankly we don’t use those around here. Trust me if you have a homestead dad or husband he will appreciate you being thoughtful enough to get him something he can actually use.


At least 75% of what Dad does around the homestead requires gloves or at least makes the job more enjoyable and trust me a new pair of gloves is always welcome. If you are shopping at your local hardware store check clearance racks first. If you are an online shopper take a look at these awesome Mechanix Wear Gloves. They were made for mechanics but they are really great for homesteaders too.

Cowboy Boots:

This one is a little trickier since you have to have a decent budget for boots if you are going to buy them new. Honestly we watch thrift stores for boots but if you have them budgeted out as a farm expense anyway you may as well get them for a holiday. These are some good quality Justin Men’s Stampede Boots for your man.

Straw Cowboy Hat

This one is easier to fit into the budget since new they are less than $20. This Straw Cowboy Hat is perfect for keeping the sun out of your father or husband’s face and is breathable for the long hours spent outside. You may be able to get a better quality hat at your local IFA on clearance but ours doesn’t always have the best selection and is 45 minutes away so I prefer to do that shopping online.

Winter Coat

This may not be the first thing on your list but guys now is the PERFECT time to get him a winter coat because they are all on clearance. The stragglers from last season have been marked down significantly to make way for new inventory and you are going to hit up those clearance racks to get your man a wonderful brand new winter coat for less than half price. Honestly your best bet on this one is to go into the store. You will save yourself a lot of money.

Leatherman Wingman

My husband loves his Leatherman Wingman Multitool. You may think your man already has a pocketknife and doesn’t need one. If all he has is a cheap dollar store knife he might want a new one anyway.  A good pocketknife is used several times a day and stands up to years of wear. This investment will come in very useful on your homestead.

Pruning Shears

If you have plants (which most homesteaders do) these come in really handy. They are great for pruning and make a good addition to dad’s arsenal of tools. Adding to the arsenal of tools at holiday time is a good practical way to encourage Dad in the daily tasks he has to do. Something new always makes the job a little more fun.

High Powered Mini Flashlight

Flashlights are used on a daily basis to attend to the many chores of the homestead. Large ones can get cumbersome but mini ones often aren’t very powerful. This Nextorch K10 is a powerful, durable option for Dad to put on his keyring. He might need to check the chickens before bed just to see how well it works.

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