How to Afford Restaurants On a Budget

I love to go out to eat. I am a self proclaimed foodie and I do enjoy cooking most of the time. Sometimes, though, I really like to just let somebody else do the cooking and cleanup. Plus I absolutely love exploring new flavor profiles and discovering new foods to experiment with.

When my husband and I were first married he was shocked that I would rather just go out to eat for my birthday than get a present. Now we plan on going out to eat once a month. How on earth do we afford going out to eat once a month?

Kids Eat Free or Cheap Deals

We do go out to eat every now and then as a family. Golden Corral has kids eat for 99 cent days. Denny’s and IHOP both have kids eat free during certain hours programs. Search the internet for kids eat free programs at restaurants near you.

Groupon or Living Social Vouchers

I absolutely love Groupon and we use it a ton. We like getting vouchers for things like $50 worth of food for $25 that we use to feed our entire family. We also buy vouchers for two meals my husband and I use for date night. They always have a great selection of restaurants near me to choose from. It’s at least worth a look.


We use an app called 2for1 to find deals on smoothies, pizza, etc. We also get freebies through various restaurant apps. I have several deal apps on my phone that I go through if I know we are going to be going out to find the best deals.

Coupon Books

We buy a coupon book in April or May when they go on sale for super cheap. All of the coupons are good through December so there is still plenty of time to save money. Look for discount coupon books near you to save. Most states have at least one if not multiple coupon book services. Near us we can get Entertainment, Wasatch Savings, and the Starving Student.

Always Ask If They Have Any Deals

Just asking at the register or when you sit down if they are running any specials can save you some serious money. It’s worth asking before you order. I hate ordering and then seeing signs for great deals I missed out on because I didn’t check first.

Live the High Life Cheap by Budgeting

Saving money doesn’t mean going without. Budget a few trips to a restaurant into your budget. This gets rid of the guilt and lets you enjoy a night out. Have fun taking a break from dishes for a night and eating some great food.

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