How to Teach Kids About Herbs

Have you ever wanted your kids to know something but weren’t sure how to teach them? If you are a homeschooling parent like me this probably happens frequently. I really want my kids to learn about so many things but I am just not an expert at teaching all of them. If you really want your kids to learn about herbs but are not an expert yet, my guest post today is for you.

I will discuss fun ways to get your kids involved in learning about herbs, how you can learn more yourself, and give you links to several resources you can use in teaching your children about the wonderful world of herbs.

Because I know you are all curious, here is just a nibble to get those taste buds going:

…Herbs are now a way of life on our homestead but it wasn’t always this way. Although I am writing this from my nook curled up with Echinacea tea and raw honey, a few years ago I wouldn’t have known what to do about the tickle in my throat other than hope it went away so I didn’t have to go to the doctor. I started the path toward becoming a registered herbalist after completing my undergraduate degree but I don’t want my kids to wait that long to be introduced to this wonderful world of herbs…

For the rest of this post, join me over at Minnesota Country Girl where I have the privilege of guest posting for Summer in the Outdoors: A Homeschool Series of Gardening, Foraging & Nature Studies.I am super excited to take part in Minnesota Country Girl’s Summer Guest Collaborative where you can learn all sorts of resources to teach your kids about gardening, foraging, and nature. Today I am guest posting about how to teach your kids about herbs.

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