Naturally Treating Eczema

I don’t know if you or a family member have dealt with it, but you know by now breakouts can be uncomfortable and itchy. You itch for hours until something bleeds and then it stings. It takes a toll on your physical and emotional well-being. While there are some over the counter medications that may help, going natural will be better for you in the long run. Here are a few suggestions that may help you.

Epsom Salt Bath

Water, especially the wrong temperature of water, can irritate eczema even further, however, putting epsom salt into you bath can be soothing to your skin. I like to put about half a cup in a tub full of water but you can use more if you feel like it is beneficial for you.


Eating turmeric has proven to reduce inflammation which will decrease the amount of irritation your excess causes. Turmeric is high in car cumin which will decrease your body’s inflammatory response.  A common way to use this is to put a tablespoon or two in a glass of warm milk to mitigate the taste.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This remedy is not my favorite because it leaves an odor, but apple cider vinegar applied to the skin with cotton balls can act as a moisturizer for eczema prone skin. ACV has many healing properties. Honestly I think I will stick with using it to treat colds and heartburn, but you can use it for this.

Olive Oil or Coconut Oil 

Healthy oils are never just for cooking. If you want to learn more about how I use coconut oil check out Why Coconut Oil Is A Pantry Staple and see other ways it can be useful. Rub one of these oils on your skin to moisturize and soften the area. Using a few drops of tea tea oil with this remedy gives it an additional boost.


Flaxseeds are packed with Omega-3s that block inflammation inside the body. Add them to breads, smoothies, and salads for a delicious crunch and nutritious boost. You can also use them in place of eggs as a healthy vegan substitute in your baking.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wonderful cooling agent for inflamed and itchy skin. You can break a plant open to get the gel and then apply it to your skin. Obviously I love this way because I feel like it keeps you connected to the plant. You can also buy it from your local health food store, however, if you don’t have your own plant.

Baking Soda

Baking soda and water make a wonderful paste that you can put on super itchy spots. I use this a lot for wasp stings but it is definitely helpful for eczema itch too. The great thing about this one is that the relief is super quick so if you want to feel relief in a few seconds to a minute, this is a good one to try.

Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements boost Omega-3s, and can be helpful, however, I would suggest talking to your doctor before starting a fish oil supplements. There are cases in which fish oil may not be the best for you. You can see a naturopath or a typical family practice doctor but I would recommend a second opinion on this one.

Overall Treatment

Eczema is painful and annoying, but there are natural remedies that often have minimal to no side effects that you should start with. I hope you try at least one of these remedies and see how helpful it can be for you.The above statements have not been reviewed by the FDA and are not mean to diagnose any medical problem. Please consult your doctor if you have questions regarding eczema.


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