Why I Switched to Organic Makeup & Why You Should Too

I Switched

I decided to revamp my makeup bag and toss out all of my old cosmetics. I know it was a bit drastic and I know that is also not the method in which most people choose to do it. However, it worked well for me and I can see a night and day difference from the products I had been using because I made the switch all at once. So why did I switch anyway? It was rather expensive so why did I put forth time, effort, and expense into purchasing a whole new makeup bag full of organic all natural clean non-toxic makeup?

It’s a Great Confidence Booster

I went through a phase of not really using much makeup because I was spending all my energy taking care of my kids. I’m working my way back to wearing makeup every day because I am realizing it gives me a much needed self confidence boost to get me through the long days with my children. Plus we all like to feel nice when our man comes home. I really like to have makeup on when I go to court or a team meeting for my foster kiddos too because it gives me that extra ability to say “I am awesome and will not be pushed around by you,” even if it’s just in my head.

Some of you may head to work for part of the day and use makeup to feel confident in your job. Looking our best helps us act our best whoever we are and whatever we are doing during the day. Sure it may wear off quickly if you spend your entire day knee deep in irrigation ditches, but even then its nice to have a small collection of cosmetics for your evenings out.

I’m not trying to say you don’t look beautiful just the way you are because ladies, you are beautiful. You give your all to the little people you raise and you still find time to bake a casserole for your neighbor down the street and shop for organic snacks for your family. You manage the finances, the child rearing, and collapse exhausted onto your pillow when the night ends. Trust me ladies, you are beautiful just because of who you are and what you do, but adding just a pop of color or accentuating your more positive attributes can help you feel better in your skin.

Organic Makeup Is Great For Your Face

When you buy organic makeup, the ingredients nourish and help your skin. Organic brands use fruit and botanical pigments to color their products. Whether you know it or not plant pigments have phytonutrients that enhance your skin. Compounds like resveratrol (the red coloring found in grapes and berries) actually has anti-aging and brain protecting properties, for example. Other main ingredients include nourishing carrier oils and minerals that protect your skin and keep it looking young.

Plus if you have sensitive skin, going natural is actually going to help you use less acne treatments. Once all the harsh chemicals are eliminated from your routine, you will find your face smoother and silkier than it has ever been before. Nourish your skin instead of using harsh chemicals that dry and irritate it.

It’s Better for Your Overall Health

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and it also plays a big role in keeping you healthy. There is an entire microbiome living on the cells of your skin. It’s job is to help you, but it can’t do its job if you are constantly dousing it with endocrine disruptors. You probably don’t think about the amount of chemicals that seep into your skin. Unfortunately many of them can cause cancer and are endocrine disruptors.

Few people are aware that traditional makeup is also made with heavy metals and phthalates, which can be passed on in utero. Even if you don’t care about being sick, think about your kids. I know it sounds drastic, but these things can cause more behavioral problems at the very least and aren’t something you want your kids to deal with.

It’s Good for the Environment

Some of you may care more about the trees than others. While I don’t consider myself a die hard tree hugger, I do care about preserving the environment. As an herbalist I find it important to enrich the earth so the herbs and botanicals there can continue to serve us. I also feel it important to not disrupt animal habitats more than is necessary to survive.

That being said many traditional cosmetics are quite harmful to the environment. All sorts of chemicals are released into the air both in making them and in using them. The way many chemicals are used is not sustainable and could also lead to deforestation. Making the switch to organic skincare and makeup reduces emissions and destroys fewer habitats so it’s a win-win.

Purchasing Organic Makeup on a Budget

Organic makeup can be quite expensive, but shop clearance racks and use promo codes and you may be surprised how fast you can build your stash. You may also want to consider subscription boxes such as Petit Vour or Love Goodly to build your stash without too much deal seeking. Promo codes are often available on sites such as Retailmenot for organic makeup and skincare subscription services and online stores.

Be careful of green washing, or companies trying to pass themselves off as natural but having some really harmful chemicals. Ilia is a brand often recommended by bloggers as organic but it has synthetic dyes and I don’t like that. Burt’s Bees (which is actually owned by Clorox) and Physician’s Formula Organic Wear are also two companies known for green washing but having a number of questionable ingredients in their products so be careful. If you shop online please check the ingredients for endocrine disruptors even if the label says organic. Some companies hide things really well and price their products high to make you think it is a quality product.

My Picks

I have several organic brands that I love. Au Naturale has a full line of makeup that feels amazing on my face. I bought eyeliner, lip liner, bronzer, foundation, and concealer from them and I love them. Juice Beauty has a full line of various cosmetics as well that are definitely worth trying. Afterglow has a limited amount of products but they are great quality. 100% Pure is a wonderful company with a number of choices. I like their blur powder and look forward to trying more of their products. Adorn Cosmetics is an Australian makeup company with great quality lipstick and Elate Cosmetics is a Canadian Company with awesome lip gloss. All of them provide ingredient lists for all of their products and I meticulously review them before purchasing. I encourage you to do the same. Happy hunting for organic makeup. Your face thanks you.


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