Herbal Tea Guide

Whether you seep your own herbs or purchase pre-made bags, herbal teas have amazing benefits. Technically our current herbal teas are not true teas since they don’t come from the Camellia Sinesis plant but we will stick with the term. A few years ago herbal teas were not my cup of tea (pardon the expression). I have since learned how great they can be and try to enjoy a cup a day.

So what is the secret to getting the most out of your herbal tea? Let it work for you. Select herbs that you not only enjoy but that help you in ways you are deficient. I have put together a list of several common teas and how they can help you. If you do not grow your own herbs these can be found at your local grocery or drug store or online from
Mountain Rose Herbs. 

Echinacea: This is one of my favorite herbs because it is great for boosting the immune system. I often brew a cup of this and put a spoonful of honey increase the immune boost.

Chamomile: Chamomile tea is great for de-stressing after a long hard day on the homestead. It can also help soothe upset stomachs.

Lavender: This herb provides another tea that is great for relaxing and unwinding and best to drink before bed. It is also great to enjoy when you finally take that much needed bath for a few minutes by yourself.

Lemon Verbena: I have never personally used this one but it’s supposed to be good for bringing down fevers. If you use this let me know how it goes.

Peppermint or Spearmint: Mint is great for opening the airways so if you have congestion it can help to hover your nose over your cup or pan a bit as you drink. It also reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system response. We use this a lot if we come down with a virus.

Rose Hips: These provide a good source of vitamin C but can have some laxative side effects so use caution.

Ginger: This herbal tea is great for digestion and helps get things moving.

Fennell: I hate licorice but fennel is supposed to be good for digestion if you can tolerate the taste.

Have fun creating your own teas and unique blends that you enjoy with properties you can benefit from!

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