Workout In Style On a Small Budget

Many people tell you that you have to give up a bunch of things that you were used to in your budget when your income gets cut. Although you do have to cut your spending if you have less income, you can still do it without it hurting as bad as people make it sound. Keeping a gym membership and living below the poverty line are not mutually exclusive.

Use deal sites

I like Groupon and Living Social but there are other sites out there as well that can give you deals on gym passes and memberships. I once got a one year gym membership for $5 using sales and coupons together on an already discounted product. Plus nobody has to know once you actually get your membership how you got it. Your card looks just the same as everybody else’s.

Ask your HR department or your insurance company if they give discounts. 

My husband decided he really needed a gym membership to motivate him to workout before work when the rest of us were asleep and he didn’t want to wake us up on his treadmill. Even though we didn’t have a ton of money in the budget I really wanted to make it work for my husband.

We found out that his employer offered a discount to a local gym and we were able to get a family pass with a significant discount that made it entirely worth it for us. Even if he only works out there a couple times a week or if I take the kids to the soft play gym or the swimming pool once a month we get more than our money’s worth.

Downgrade your gym 

This may not be something you want to do because there is a stigma about the local gym versus Gold’s Gym (or the other national chain near you). Although it isn’t as glamorous as the others at least you are still at a gym. Switching from one gym to another that has cheaper fees can often give you something great to do without spending a ton.

Good luck getting that all important gym membership at a fraction of the cost!